Ecotourism for the accountable
In the Amazon our indigenous naturalists were once people who worked as loggers, gold miners, or poachers…

Today, because of Tamandua, they have jobs as guides, cooks, and boat drivers, among other positions. In the Western Amazon where rainforest is being lost every day, this is a crucial transition. Each acre protected means that giant ancient trees are saved; pillars of a wilderness that is home to a million heartbeats.

You want to stop species extinction? Climate change? The Amazon fires? Well there is no question that the best way to do it is to protect the ancient primary forest that is standing.

Through close collaboration with the NGO Junglekeepers, Tamandua has helped to protect over 30,000 acres of primary forest. The number of ancient trees and beating hearts contained in this area is almost incalculable. We believe that the natural world is in grave danger, but it’s not too late. We believe that in an age of globalization, there is still so much to explore.

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